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Commercial pest control

Commercial pest control

We offer reliable and safe pest control techniques to get rid of any kind of pests ( including cockroaches, fleas, bed bugs, flying insects, spiders, termites) from your office, warehouse, or business premises.

Our expert technologies can eliminate all kinds of insects and protect your buildings from pest attacks by understanding your unique problem and deriving the apt solution.


Roaches are indeed an uninvited guest in your home and it can be so disturbing to see cockroaches crawling across your cabinets.
Though proper ventilation can eliminate roaches from your home, it does not always work. Food particles and leftover dishes often play as bait and attract roaches to your premises.
We use techniques from spraying to treating with insecticides to get rid of them for you.


Termite attacks can lead to a lot of damages including permanent destruction of your furniture. Prevention is the best method to make sure your home doesn't fall prey to a termite attack.
Although pre-construction termite control is the best way to be safe, you can always rely on us to mitigate termites if you ever notice the start of an infection at your home.


Spiders tend to take up spaces that hold moisture and this is why your baseboards, pipelines and window panes can get covered with these little crawling beasts anytime if you live in a humid area.
The primary treatment for spiders including keeping your surroundings dry and clean. However, in case of over infections, we can provide you with safe insecticides that work.


Rodents can be a nuisance to your home, warehouse and garden alike. These little traitors often destroy a lot of expensive things and are not easy to get rid of.
You can find so many home remedies to stop rodents. But these are not always effective. We use a blend of baiting, trapping and treatment methods to remove rodents from your home.

Fly Control

Despite their small size, flies can be irritating to be found in your homes or office. Several flies can spread diseases and even cause a variety of skin allergies.
Spraying insecticides or baiting can be done to eliminate flies. However, these measures need to be frequently maintained to stop further infestations.

Bee Control

Bees are essential pollinators and providers of honey. But you wouldn't want bees to wander around in your yards, would you?
Bee stings can be painful and nasty. First step to prevent bees is making sure there is no open access to sugar sources. However, if there is already a hive set up nearby your home, we offer professional assistance to get those removed.

Bed Bug

Washing you bed covers, and thorough vacuuming of your cots might help you remove bed bugs and sleep better. But majority of times, these insects leave their eggs behind and in no time, you'll have another batch bed bugs to take your sleep away.
Proper inspection and monitoring in regular intervals can help you keel bed bugs at bay. You can also try to see if bug repellent spray helps.